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County Content brings you elevated, thoughtful and curated content from the collective vision of the dream team- Harmony and Brittany!
Brittany's expertise in event planning, interior design and years of modelling combined with Harmony's photographic vision, technical experience and business infrastructure develops content that exceeds your expectations and leaves you feeling creatively charged.

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All spaces are non-refundable. If you are not able to attend for any reason, it is your responsibility to sell your space to another photographer.

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Marie Noel Photography

Awesome time with everyone at the May 25th event. Not only was it great to meet and work with other photographers, but the love and support was amazing. Big thank you to Harmony and Brittany for setting up one of the best content days I have been to.
As a new photographer these content days are great for my portfolio, but more importantly great to build a sense of
community and friends. Thank you for everything ladies, looking forward to all future events.

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Network with like minded artists

Creating a sense of community in our industry

Content days are the perfect opportunity to meet fellow artists, industry vendors and explore gorgeous venues while nurturing a sense of community in our industry.
Our events are based on "community over competition" welcoming all photographers, models and vendors from beginners to experts in their field.