Some things we don't need to learn the hard way

Why do a mentorship?

I remember when I first entered the photography field on a professional level. I was optimistic, excited, nervous and had A LOT to learn. I felt confident with the technical aspects of my camera, I had a great customer service base and had done the foot work to get my business going. What I didn't know was there was a lot more to running a successful photography business than checking the boxes beside the basics.

And I had SO MANY questions!

Based on my experience in several niches, coaching I've attended and pulling the best aspects from mentorships I've enlisted in, I've built my own mentorship program that covers a multitude of important areas. These areas are tailored to improve your business where needed and offer a sense of reassurance in areas that are well established.

Photography is a field where learning never stops- this is why I love it so much! Learning as you go can be enriching, although, some things we don't need to learn the hard way. My down to earth, approachable and honest coaching will cover areas you want to focus on.

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