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My name is Harmony Reinhardt

I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer, living in Brighton, Ontario. I'm a mother, a partner, a music lover and sentimental soul with a goofy side. I live life passionately and embrace authenticity in all of its forms. I've been described as a "salt of the earth" kind of person and seek to surround myself with genuine people and connective experiences. Being able to document the love and bond between couples and families fills my heart!

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to...

I fell in love with photography as a child because it gave me the ability to capture things that I loved. I took pictures of people and places that made me feel safe so I could hold them close when I needed it. I took pictures because sometimes it’s all I had to remind me that the world is a beautiful place.

I understand first hand that sometimes pictures are the only thing that we’ll have left of something that we love. I have my own deep connection to photography and the moments it preserves. I am so fortunate to be able to capture these moments for others.

Have you seen my work in print?

My Publications

Here are a few of my favourite pieces that have been published.

Amanda & Cody

Harmony did an amazing job capturing the joy and love that was shared on my wedding day, and provided us with incredible photos. She was a joy to work with, as she is very friendly, very enthusiastic about her work, and was very easy to talk to. To the point where a few of my family members thought it was a close friend of mine that was taking the photos.

Your wedding is all about you, your family and dear friends. Be your true self. Show your fun, quirky personality. Do the things that make you happy. Laugh loudly. Kiss slowly. Hug tightly.

I'll be there to capture it all and help you save these beautiful memories for a lifetime.